Mating hive

Plemenilnik AŽ iz trdega poliuretanaMating hive LR made from hard Polyurethane
  • Made out of high-density polyurethane
  • 4 cells
  • 12 frames
  • 70% less food consumption

The heat-isolation properties and low price of polyurethane makes it the best isolation material for production of all sorts of mating hives and other beekeeping equipment.

The breeding colony saves up to 70% of food yearly when bred in the polyurethane mating hive.

The housing of the mating hive types AŽ, 2/3 LR and LR contain 12 small frames in four cells of the housing. Above every part of the housing is a feeding space for food. The mating hive covers a lid, which fits tightly to the housing.

We also offer smaller mating hives for breeding of smaller mating colonies (technology by Mr. F. Tomažin).

Price (excluding VAT): Without equipment (box) With equipment (frames)
AŽ mating hive

40,00 €

55,00 €

2/3 LR mating hive

40,00 €

55,00 €

LR mating hive

40,00 €

55,00 €

Solar wax melting device

  • The box is thermal insulating polyurethane
  • anti-corroding stainless steel (inox)
  • 360 ° rotation

Presenting the polyurethane solar wax melting device. The benefits of it are in its energy saving polyurethane housing and its lid produced out of thermopane glass. The lid is fixed on the housing with hinges and the built-in supporting stick helps to keep the lid open while inserting the frames.

The interior is made out of high quality anti-corroding steel (INOX) that is why the melted wax is purer and of higher quality. The wax melting device is fixed on a separate three-point stand, which makes it easier to turn the device in the direction of the sun.

The size of the device is optional so that various types of frames can be inserted (LR, AŽ and Dadenblad).

Price (excluding VAT):

119,00 €